Just like at high performance sport

you can achieve more having the right coach at your side.

Just like at high performance sport

you can achieve more having the right coach at your side.


My name is Alejandro van Haastrecht and since 2005 I coach leaders, high professionals and entrepeneurs.

I provide them a different view of your functioning on the job or in private situations.  Together we investigate what is necessary to change effectively. As a professional coach I do this in exclusive and short programs. With feedforward I help my clients to discover what it is that keeps them from reaching their goals.

Amongst my clients are midlevelmanagers, high potentials and entrepeneurs. They are succesful and have proven theirselves in their profession. But for some reason they got stuck and are willing to invest to keep growing guided a professional coach. 

It’s often about challenging and demanding jobs where it’s about:

  • high workload
  • many hours
  • limited space for relaxing
  • little sleep
  • a social life which is under pressure

This affects work, happyness and effectivity.
From these professions there is a growing demand for coaching because they understand and value it.


For more then 15 years I have been a leader and entrepeneur. I experienced succes and failure. Laerned to be as effecient as possible with the limited time I had at my disposal.

As a student I began with coaching other students and youg professionals. From being a leader I build up experience in how to coach teams to better results and make them efficient.Then I made the decission to work with leaders, high potentials and entrepeneurs who have ambitions to grow but are being held back by circumstances. 

Youth & ambitions

I grew up in Roosendaal, in the south of The Netherlands. At young age i was interested in human behavior and I listened to everyone’s story. People came to me for advice or consultation. This is no professional coaching, but it layed the base of what I wanted to do with my life: Coaching people in my own, authentic way.

This features a bond which I get with you and my direct feedforward. We go for results and I just tell you the bold truth. In a safe setting we investigate what you need to change and I will guide you in that proces. By only accepting a few clients per year, I can focus enterily on your unique situation.


I have had several educations which form a firm base in my daily job. Inmediately after ending my study Applied Psychology and Social Work I started my own business in 2009. In the following years I studied Organizational Psychology and professional Coaching.

I am member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council EMCC and the Dutch Order for Professional Coaches NOBCO. For measuring the effectiveness of coaching, I use the Coachingmonitor developed by the NOBCO. At the moment I am achieving my EIA level.

Volunteer work

As a volunteer I have worked for several organisations focused on youth. I have trained both volunteers and clients in reaching their goals, giving training in problemsolving conversations and being a mentor.


Would you like to know more about me or meet me? Please feel free to contact me or take a look on my company website www.cebrian.nl

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